Internet users may be flocking to mobile devices, but profits have been scarce as many advertisers remain wary of the new medium.

Mobile internet use accounted for 10.1 per cent of media use in the US at the end of last year but attracted only 0.9 per cent of the total money spent on advertising, according to US research firm eMarketer.

Good article on how earned media can drive mobile app downloads. Obvious stuff, but it’s a clear explanation.

Good article on how earned media can drive mobile app downloads. Obvious stuff, but it’s a clear explanation.

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Brilliant blog post in Monday Note by Frédéric Filloux on the power and risks of brand advertising.

In advertising, Brand Content is the new black. You can’t bump into an ad exec without hearing about it. It’s the new grail, the replacement for the other formats that failed and the latest hope for an ailing industry. But there are side effects.

This interview with Rick Chavez and Natasha Hritzuk - both colleagues on the Marketing Solutions Team - outlines the deep research that Microsoft has done on consumer buying. Fundamentally, the funnel model is too simplistic. Congratulations, Natasha and Rick!

The conversion funnel has become a cliche in marketing circles. Worse than that, while it’s convenient shorthand for how to target consumers, it’s too simplistic, according to Natasha Hritzuk, global director of insights and analytics at Microsoft Advertising. In its stead, Hritzuk has concocted the Consumer Decision Journey.

“What this decision-making journey really did for us is it flagged up two key areas that have never really been addressed by any traditional consumer research—they’re not even really reflected in the context of the purchase funnel,” said Hritzuk.

Great piece on agile marketing. This is going to be one of the biggest impacts on digital marketing - the other being leveraging audience data.


Worth reading.

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This is an older article, but it’s still pretty damning.

Telling stories is what brands want to be doing (or that is what they ought to be doing). It’s very difficult to tell stories, at scale, with digital advertising. I hope Tumblr pulls it off.

Man, it’s a wonder that the digital advertising industry hasn’t collapsed under it’s own weight and complexity.