Why Does The GOP Think That Every Favorable Event For Obama is a Conspiracy? Because That’s THEIR MO!

I have been thinking about what’s the logic behind the recent outburst of GOP leaders and surrogates like Jack Welch and Steve Forbes to the favorable job numbers claiming that the numbers were cooked.

I have a pretty good hypothesis. It’s because that’s what they do! Whenever, they needed to move on something, they cook the books. As a result, they are projecting their own logic on to Obama.

Here are some examples:

  1. They needed a rationale to attack Iraq and take the focus off Afghanistan - how do you do that? Well, you cook the books - manufactured claims of Iraqi WMD.
  2. They wanted to torture prisoners - as a result, they again cooked the books by creating phoney “findings” led by John Yoo.
  3. They needed to suppress reliable Democratic voters - they manufactured a voter fraud problem and used that as a rationale to pass laws and policies that would suppress African-American, youth and low income voters.
  4. Now, let’s take the specific case of Jack Welch - it turns out that the sleazebag was a book cooker himself.
  5. Don’t have an instance for Steve Forbes … yet - give me some time