Microsoft The Winner in The Apple-Samsung kerfuffle?

It’s interesting that multiple pundits are saying that Microsoft is the real winner of the Apple-Samsung patent trial. The logic goes something like Microsoft’s Windows Phone has truly tried to innovate and it’s approach has been fundamentally different. Due to the uncertainty of Android based phones, manufacturers like HTC will start to switch to WindowsPhone. Here are a couple of articles:

CNet - Apple-Samsung verdict shows that Microsoft thinks different

Forbes - In The Apple vs Samsung Decision, The Real Winner is Microsoft’s Windows Phone

Though, I usually relay this kind of news here, I tend to be skeptical - I try not to breathe my own exhaust. :-)

However, I think a change is coming. Not because of these articles, but because, Sahana (my oldest child) the millennial, design student, used my Nokia Lumia 900 last weekend to navigate in Pittsburgh and proclaimed, “Dad, you’re right! The maps on the Windows phone are much better”. Her iPhone couldn’t find our destination and the WindowsPhone Map app on the Nokia not only found our destination, it also had an easier to use turn-by-turn feature and was much smarter in tracking us as drove towards our target. It was probably not enough to make her switch, but a seed was certainly planted. 

So the Apple-Samsung patent trial outcome might indeed help Microsoft, but I think Microsoft is working hard to help itself.

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