Twitter & LinkedIn Are Taking Their Users For Granted - I’m Pissed Off

Twitter and LinkedIn are taking their users for granted. For a long time, I’ve been looking for a way to cross-post across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Finally, I found a way to setup Tumblr so that it cross-posts to Facebook and Twitter. I had connected my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts so that my tweets would end up on LinkedIn. I mostly use Tumblr for professional stuff (though not exclusively).

This approach fell apart when LinkedIn & Twitter announced that they were no longer going to support the integration that allowed tweets to show up as LinkedIn updates. So now, though my Tumblr posts go to Twitter, they don’t get posted to LinkedIn. Twitter has some lame explanation about improving experience blah, blah. What a crock! They are trying to close their network.

I am hoping that Tumblr will implement a way to connect to LinkedIn so that my posts can be connected to my LinkedIn account. Otherwise, I’ll have to find a new way. The issue is not the effort, but the fact that this landscape is constantly changing and whatever way I find will break due to these companies idiocy. Hopefully, the new way is not a new platform which will leave my content stranded on Tumblr.